Clear Clutter With These 5 Tips

Clear the Clutter with These 5 Tips

By Keith Loria

Keeping your home tidy throughout the selling process can be a challenging proposition for those who have too many things and not quite enough storage space. If you’re at the point where you’re being bogged down by your stuff, the following ideas will help you clear the clutter once and for all.

1. Put Things in Storage. An obvious solution is renting a storage space during the selling process, an option that offers numerous advantages in terms of staging. It’s also a great step toward keeping your closets organized. If you decide to rent a storage space, fill it with off-season clothes, boxes containing photos and other mementos and stuff you don’t use. You can even store packed boxes to make your eventual move easier.

2. Organize Your Space. While you most likely don’t want to take on a major closet renovation during the home-selling process, there are some simple things you can do to organize the closets within your home. If you’re looking for an easy, affordable way to get your closets in tip top shape, invest in some shelving units and shoe storage racks. And organize your clothes so that certain items are grouped together, making things look organized and visually appealing.

3. The Right Use for the Right Closet. As any homeowner can attest, we accumulate a lot of stuff over the years. And it’s easy to get in the habit of putting things in less-than-ideal spaces, so take some time to put things away in the proper location. For example, if you have clothes hanging in your family room closet, get them into the bedroom closet. Likewise, if you’re keeping a vacuum cleaner or tools in the master bedroom closet, find a place for them somewhere else.

4. Toying with Toys. If you have kids, you probably have a lot of toys around the house. Take stock of these toys and get rid of the ones that aren’t being used (consider donating unused toys that are in good condition or hold a garage sale). Be sure to organize board games neatly in a family room closet and consider buying a toy chest.

5. Clean the Garage. Diligent buyers look at everything, including the garage, so be sure your garage is in good shape—rather than a dumping ground for things you don’t know what to do with. To clear the clutter in your garage, put your holiday decorations in boxes, organize your garden tools and find a space for your lawnmower. If you have a workbench in the garage, organize it. You’ll also want to be sure there’s space for a car.

Following these tips will not only showcase your home’s storage potential, they’ll also go a long way toward putting you on the path to making the most of your home’s storage space.


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